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HUD Mining Supplies is today one of the leaders in the diamond drill bit industry, and leverages it’s more than 75 year heritage of diamond bit and shell manufacturing. HUD look forward to working together with you our customers, to develop innovative answers and products to suit your needs. We can make the correct bit to suit your application and geology, we just need to discuss together so we can establish exactly what is required. Our bits are proven, in South Africa, Africa, and globally!

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Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits

HUD impregnated diamond bit technology offers consistency, superior coring performance and longer bit life resulting in fewer trips in and out of the hole, reducing cost and improving production.

HUD manufacture all sizes of drill bit from the smallest EXT through to UWF and ZWF sizes, and everything in between. We manufacture metric as well as DCDMA sizes. Literally any type of bit required, be it a Navi, wedging, or combination impregnated – HUD can manufacture it for you, to world class standards and performance.

Surface Set Drill Bits

HUD surface set bits are manufactured using the highest quality diamonds for optimum drilling performance. Again we make any size and configuration and due to our experience, can recommend the best design and flushing system for optimum performance. The full range of bull nose bits are also manufactured.

PCD Drill Bits

HUD PCD drill bits are an advanced engineered drilling product which allows for a faster rate of penetration and lower weight on bit, giving you the customer the optimum performance you require when drilling both coring and non-coring holes.

Reaming Shells

HUD reaming shells are a new in-house design and manufacturing specification. They ensure 360-degree hole wall contact, which maximises shell stability. Our ringset reamers are packed with large diamonds to ensure a very long life due to the smoothness of the drilling, and maintaining the hole gauge. The diamond pads are reinforced with inserts on the leading and trailing edges.

Long stabilising shells with multiple diamond rings are available on request.

Casing Shoes

HUD’s range of casing shoes are the cost efficient solution for drilling the insertion of casing. The tough design and reinforced ID and OD gauge makes sure the gauge size is maintained in all abrasive conditions.

Special Requirements / Once Off's

Come to us with any special requirement and we can make it for you. Be it a TC stick bit, a harmet bit, or any other bit, shell or stabiliser. If you are diamond drilling or coring, we can make what you need!