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About Schramm Hammers & Bits® (Airdrill) Hammers and Bits

Airdrill Hammers and Bits was borne out of a vision to supply and service the Global RC Drilling industry with a purpose built product that gives drillers a competitive advantage in the Drilling Industry. This vision, coupled with the expertise provided by the most experienced Reverse Circulation design and manufacturing team in Australia, delivers a world class product that meets or exceeds all current bench marks in the Drilling Industry.

In 2013, Schramm Hammers & Bits® Inc. acquired Airdrill Hammers and Bits, a fully automated, state of the art manufacturer of hammers and percussion bits used in Reverse Circulation Mineral Exploration applications around the world. The product has longer life, fewer parts and guaranteed operation to 1,000 psi. Airdrill hammers have been proven under the most challenging field conditions and are used extensively in RC applications throughout Australia, Southeast and Central Asia, Africa, North and South America.

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RC Drilling Applications

In Pit Grade Control..

  • Hole depth varies from 24 meters to 60 meters
  • Carried out ahead of production drilling to determine mineralisation grades

In Fill Drilling (Ore Body Development, Resource Definition)

  • Hole depths to 200 meters
  • Carried out ahead of GC drilling and production Drilling

Exploration Drilling

  • Pre Collar – Shallow exploration hole drilled in preparation of a much deeper diamond tail
  • Deep Hole Exploration – Hole depths > 500 meters
  • Limited only by..
    • Rig pullback capacity
    • Available Volume (CFM) and air pressure (PSI)