In-hole Tools

Made by HUD in our modern engineering workshop in Isando, Johannesburg. We carry extensive stock of all commonly used parts and sizes. The performance and quality of our in-hole tools and accessories has been proven over many years in harsh African conditions, with many large international drilling contractors.

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Experts in Engineering
  • Core-barrels, complete, B,N,H &P
  • Inner tube head assemblies complete
  • Overshot assemblies, complete, B,N,H,P
  • Universal and compact water swivels and components
  • Inner and outer tubes
  • Core springs (core lifters)
  • Lifter cases
  • Stop rings
  • Inner tube stablisers
  • Locking couplings
  • Adaptor couplings
  • Hoisting Plugs
  • Adaptor subs
  • Casing cutters and components
  • Fishing / Recovery tools of all sizes and types
  • Wireline cable
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